If you live in Texas and are seeking information about adoption home studies, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s blog, Laura Johnson of Texas Adoption Home Studies helps to answer some of the key questions that commonly arise.

How long are home studies good for in Texas?

Texas home studies are valid for one year. If you have a major life change during that year – like moving to a new home, a change in your health status, or a change in household composition – you will need a home study addendum to keep your home study up to date.

How many home visits are required for the Texas home study? 

When all household members are present, just one visit is required. 

How many interviews are required for the Texas Home Study?

Individual interviews are required for all household members over the age of three. A group interview with all household members present is also required. For couples, a joint interview is required. 

What is the general process for a Texas home study? 

The adoptive family will retain a home study provider, pay its fee, and then start gathering the required information and filling out the paperwork. Once the paperwork is complete, including all background checks, you will then complete your interviews and home inspection. After that your home study will be written up, and then it will be sent to you and/or your placing agency. 

What topics are explored during the home-study interviews?

Topics include your motivation to adopt, any infertility you may have experienced, your childhood and family, relationship and marital history, religious beliefs, physical and mental health history, parenting and discipline, home safety, finances, and criminal history. You will also state your preferences regarding the health history of the birth family and the birth parents, and also your preferences regarding the child or children you are hoping to adopt. 

What kind of paperwork is required for a Texas home study?

Lots of it! Criminal background checks, character references, employment and salary information, medical forms, marriage and divorce decrees, prior adoption decrees, identity documentation, autobiography questionnaires, and floor plans of your home are some of the items you will be asked to submit information on. 

How long does it usually take to complete the home study?

In Texas, most providers can complete it in 6-8 weeks. 

Are there any unusual requirements for Texas home studies that other states don’t normally have?

Texas has a requirement to include whether or not the adoptive parents have any religious beliefs that would prohibit them from seeking medical treatment for the child.

What are the average fees for a Texas adoption home study?

Typical fees range from $1,200 to $2,000.  

What is the post-placement period in Texas?

The post-placement period in Texas is 6 months. 

How many post-placement reports are required during that period?

That depends on the placing agency and the state where the adoption is finalized. If you are adopting in Texas with a Texas child-placing agency, you will need 5 post-placement visits in a 6-month period.


Information about Laura Johnson’s home study practice:  Texas Adoption Home Studies


Where in Texas does your agency provide home study services?

Texas Adoption Home Studies provides home studies in almost every area and region of the state!

What types of home study services do you provide?

Texas Adoption Home Studies provides domestic infant adoption home studies for both independent and agency adoptions, stepparent home studies, second-parent adoption home studies, post-placement reports, and home safety inspections. 

What sets you apart as a Texas home study provider?

Because we have a network of home study specialists across the state, Texas Adoption Home Studies can provide services in many different areas of Texas. We are also personable and strive to help our families easily navigate the paperwork and requirements for their study. We have a special online encrypted system that is straightforward and simple for gathering information and filling out paperwork.

Final tips from Texas Adoption Home Studies:

Don’t worry too much about the home study, even though it can appear daunting. Working with the right professional will make the home study a less stressful part of your adoption journey! 

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