Tennessee Adoption Home Study

If you live in Tennessee and are seeking information about adoption home studies, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s blog, Love and Hope Adoption Services provides you with answers to some common questions.

How long are home studies good for in Tennessee? 

Home Studies are valid for one year in Tennessee before they need to be updated.  

How many home visits are required for the Tennessee home study?  

Only one visit is required, however some home study providers may choose to conduct more than one.

How many interviews are required for the Tennessee home study? 

Only one interview is required, but more may be conducted as needed. 

What is the general process for a Tennessee home study? 

You’ll be given a checklist of documentation that needs to be turned in to your home study provider. You will also complete interviews and a walkthrough of your home. Ultimately, the provider will gather all the relevant information together and produce a report. That report is your home study.  

What topics are explored during the Tennessee home study interviews? 

The topics include your childhood, education, current employment, and hobbies. Adoption-related topics are also discussed. 

What paperwork is required? 

The paperwork includes copies of birth certificates or passports, marriage certificates (when applicable), current tax return and current pay stub, background checks, physicals by your doctor, reference letters, and adoption education class certificates. Tennessee requires at least six education hours of newborn classes and at least 10 education hours for older children adoption, depending on the age of the child being adopted. 

How long does it take to complete the home study? 

An adoption home study in Tennessee can take anywhere from one to six months. The time-to-completion depends on how fast you choose to move through the process, as well as the average timeframe of the provider you work with. If you choose to work with Love and Hope Adoption Services, they are unique in that they start the process right away and, if you follow their instructions, they can complete the home study in just four to five weeks. 

Does Tennessee have any unusual requirements for home studies that other states don’t typically have?

No, it does not. 

What are the average fees for a Tennessee home study? 

The cost can range from about $1200 to $1500, depending on the provider you use. If you choose to work with Love and Hope Adoption Services, their home study fee is $1200.  There are no hidden fees, such as application fees or mileage charges.  

What is the post-placement period in Tennessee? 

The post-placement period in Tennessee is six months.

How many supervisory reports are required during the post-placement period? 

Tennessee requires two supervisory visits during the post-placement period. If the child is placed from another state, however, that state’s requirement often has to be met. If so, you may have another supervisory visit or two. 

Information about an adoption home study with Love and Hope Adoption Services:

In what areas of Tennessee do you provide home study services? 

We cover the entire state of Tennessee.

What types of home study services do you provide? 

Love and Hope Adoption Services provides all types of Tennessee home studies except international. We conduct home studies for private adoptions, foster adoptions, step parent adoptions, embryo adoptions, independent adoptions, and agency adoptions.

What sets you apart as a Tennessee home study provider?

Love and Hope Adoption Services has over 20 years of experience specializing in adoption home studies and out-of-state ICPC adoptions. Our staff includes skilled adoption professionals, many of whom are licensed social workers. Most of our staff have been with Love and Hope for at least 10 years, and they have a passion for serving families during the home study journey and beyond.

Final tips from Love and Hope Adoption Services for a successful Tennessee Home Study

Forget what you read on social media. Our goal is to make your home study experience stress-free. We are here to encourage and support you, and we might add a bit of humor and laughter as well! We bring many years of experience to this important first step of your adoption process.

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