What is an adoption home study?

The adoption home study is ultimately a 10-20 page report approving your family to adopt. 

What can I expect during the home study process?

The process involves three main steps:

1. You will turn in documentation to your home study provider. The documentation verifies certain things about your home and family.

2. You will receive adoption training and education. Sometimes this involves in-person training sessions, other times it’s self-study.

3. You will participate in individual and family interviews. Sometimes there is more than one interview, this depends on the home study provider and the laws surrounding home studies in your state.

Home Study Approval

Completing the home study is the first step in the adoption process. No matter what your adoption situation may be, the laws in every state say that you must have an approved home study in order to adopt.

Once you’ve completed the home study process and received your final approved home study, you can adopt!