We’ve outlined some important tips as you embark on your adoption home study journey.

Stay Organized: 

During the home study process, you will be juggling tons of paperwork. Use an electronic filing system you trust—like DropBox—to organize and store your paperwork. This will make it easy to find the documents you need when you want them. Don’t forget to properly label the documents so you can find what you’re looking for. 

Be Honest: 

Be honest and upfront about any history or information requested by your home study provider. If you don’t disclose something—such as a previous arrest, child abuse information, past relationships, or other relevant information—and your provider learns about your omission, this can be a reason for disapproval.

Make Sure Your Home is Clean, Orderly, and Safe for Children: 

You will want your home to be clean, safe, and presentable—like you would when you have a visitor in town. You’re home doesn’t need to be immaculate, there is no “white glove” test. 


Overly worrying about the process or the interview will make everything much more difficult. Many thousands of families have successfully completed the adoption home study process and gone on to adopt. It is rare for a family to receive an unfavorable study. Every family is unique, and your home study provider does not expect perfection. They are looking for you to be genuine, authentic, and loving.