Home Study Basics

If you’re looking for information on the adoption home study, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find a resource library containing all of the frequently asked questions and answers surrounding the home study process as well as downloadable home study checklists and a sample adoption home study.

Home Preparedness Checklist

Plan ahead to make sure your home is ready for the home visit walk-through.

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Home Study Tips

Explore quick tips for a successful adoption home study. 

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Sample Home Study

Take a look at a sample home study so you know what to expect.

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Documentation Checklist

Get familiar with the documentation you will need to gather for your home study.

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The Home Study Process

Review the process you can expect when completing an adoption home study.

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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Adoption Home Studies

  • What is an adoption home study?

    The adoption home study is ultimately a 10-20 page report recommending your family to adopt. To complete your home study report, there’s a process you’ll go through. That process includes turning in a variety of documentation about your family, individual and family interviews, and adoption-related education.

  • How much does an adoption home study cost?

    An adoption home study can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the type of home study you need and the requirements of the state you live in.

    In addition to the cost of the home study, there may be extra costs for the social worker’s travel to and from your home, background-check fees, costs associated with obtaining a medical report, etc. But these are usually modest.

  • What are some of the qualifications to pass a home study?
    1. You are above the minimum legal age to adopt, as required by the state where you live.
    2. You have sufficient income to support an additional child.
    3. Your criminal and child abuse history is free of offenses that would reasonably rule out adoption.
    4. You are physically and mentally healthy.
    5. You offer a safe home environment.
    6. You have positive references from family, friends, and adult children.
  • What are reasons to fail a home study?

    Generally speaking, here are some reasons you may not pass a home study or receive an unfavorable home study:

    1. You or other household members have been convicted of a crime that would jeopardize the safety and well-being of a child. These might include, but are not limited to: child abuse and neglect, violent crimes, human trafficking, and drug or alcohol-related offenses. It’s important to be honest with your home study provider about your criminal history. If you have concerns about a previous charge you on your record, speak with your home study provider.
    2. Your home is found to be unsafe or does not have enough space to provide for the addition of a child.
    3. You or another household member suffer from a physical, mental, or behavioral health condition that would interfere with suitable care for a child.
    4. You have (or appear to have) provided false or missing information as part of the home study process.
    5. Your income or financial stability is inadequate to support the addition of a child.

  • How can I prepare for the home study?

    First, select a home study provider you feel comfortable with. Next, start gathering and completing the paperwork required by your provider.

    There is a lot of paperwork, so it is crucial to stay organized. Think about which documents may take the most time and tackle those first. For example, you might need to order copies of your birth certificates or make a medical appointment. Being organized and thoughtful as you move through the requirements can often make a difference in how long the home study process will take.

    As you begin to wrap up your paperwork, start looking at how to prepare your home for the first in-home interview. Next, take a look at the home study questions you can expect during the interview.

    Once you’ve done these things, you will be well prepared to conquer your home study head on!

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