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If you live in Alabama and are seeking information about home studies, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s blog, Rebecca Conner of Conner Adoption Home Study Services helps uncover some common questions surrounding the Alabama home study.

How long are home studies good for in Alabama?

Home studies are valid in Alabama for two years if you are adopting in-state. They are valid for one year if you are adopting out-of-state.

How many home visits are required for the Alabama home study?

Only one home visit is required. Your provider may choose to do more, if needed.

How many interviews are required for the Alabama Home Study?

One family interview is required, as well as one individual interview for each household member.

What is the general process for an Alabama home study?

The process will vary slightly by provider. In general, you can expect to gather and complete a checklist of paperwork, have a home visit from your social worker, and participate in one or more interviews. The social worker will then type up the home study report. Some Alabama home study providers will not release the final home study report to you. Be sure to ask prospective providers if you will be able to receive a copy of your final home study report.

What topics are explored during the home study interviews?

Topics will include your feelings about adoption, talking with your child about their adoption, your discipline techniques, and more. Your provider will also run through a required list of questions surrounding your criminal history (if any).  Common questions about adoption-related topics will also be explored.

What kind of paperwork is required for an Alabama home study?

The study will require paperwork that includes letters of reference from friends and family, medical reports, your personal finances (including your tax returns), autobiographies of the adopting parent(s), childcare plans and parenting philosophies, as well as a questionnaire that explores topics related to the adoption.

How long does the home study take to be completed in Alabama?

The time frame depends largely on how fast the adopting family completes their required background checks and paperwork. The average time frame to complete a home study in Alabama is three to four months. If a family is highly motivated, their process may be shorter. A family that takes longer to complete their part of the work may extend the time frame to up to six months. Some home study providers take longer than others on average, so be sure to ask what the average turnaround time is when interviewing providers. 

Are there any unusual requirements for Alabama home studies that other states don’t normally have?


What are the average fees for an Alabama home study?

The cost of an Alabama home study can vary depending on the type of home study and the provider you choose. A domestic and embryo home study in Alabama can range from $1,500 to $3,000. Some providers will charge an additional travel cost depending on how far you live from the individual conducting the study. International home studies in Alabama can range from $2,200 to $5,000.

How many post-placement reports are required during the post-placement period?

Alabama requires one post-placement supervision report within 45-days of placement.

Information about an Alabama home study with Rebecca Conner of Conner Adoption Home Study Services:


In what areas of Alabama do you provide home study services?

I provide home study services across the entire state of Alabama.

What types of home study services do you provide?

I provide domestic adoption home studies for families adopting in Alabama and for those who are planning to adopt out-of-state. I also conduct international and embryo home studies for Alabama families.

What sets you apart as an Alabama home study provider?

I make the experience as stress free, educational, and enjoyable as possible. I am efficient and mindful of getting the home study completed quickly, so as to not drag the process out.  Normally, I see no reason why it should take a long time, or be stressful, for me to do my job in making sure a home is safe and loving for a child. I also try to share as much helpful adoption information as I can. I have useful resources about agencies and attorneys, cost effective ways to adopt, and grant and loan information that I share with my families. I am not an agency or adoption consultant, and the resources I provide are free of charge – just to help out the families I work with.

What is the process to complete a home study with Conner Adoption Home Study Services:

Email me and I will send you the application process. Once that is complete, I will send you instructions to complete your background checks. When the background checks are initiated, I will send you the rest of the required paperwork. As you are working on these things, we will set up the home visit. Once all of the paperwork is finished and the home visit is complete, I will type the final report and send you a notarized PDF of your completed and approved home study. It is yours to share with any agency, attorney or grant organization.

How long does the home study take to be completed with Conner Adoption Home Study Services:

The time frame depends on how quickly the background checks are returned and how quickly the family completes their paperwork. I have completed a home study in as little as a month and others take up to six months. The biggest determining factor in how long a home study takes is the family’s motivation. I do my part as quickly as possible.

Final tips from Rebecca Conner for a successful Alabama Home Study:

If you follow my instructions and checklist, and if you keep all your paperwork organized, the process should go seamlessly. Try not to worry. I’m not interested in checking your home for dust or insisting that everything be perfectly organized and decluttered. My job is simply to make sure children are being placed with safe and loving families. Be yourself and laugh with me. ☺ I’m not there to worry you, or to stress you out, or to “catch” you.  I’m just there to get to know you, and to make sure you have a safe and loving home.

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