Home Study Hive is the web’s go-to directory of adoption home study providers. It’s a resource for the families who need home studies. And it’s a referral source for the providers who conduct them.

For families seeking to adopt, the home study is the first step on a wonderful journey.  And we’re here to help them navigate what can often be very complicated terrain. What is a home study?  What is required? What does it involve? And how can a family find a good provider to carry it out? 

Home Study Hive is a free online resource that clears up the mysteries surrounding the entire home study process.  It supplies families with the information they need, it answers frequently asked questions, it offers downloadable home study checklists, and it suggests various tips for moving toward a successful outcome. Along with this educational role, Home Study Hive helps families easily connect with professional home study providers in their own communities. 

By forging these connections, Home Study Hive also offers premium opportunities for home study providers to attract and meet new adoptive families. Home Study Hive’s premium providers can get real-time referrals from prospective adoptive parents seeking home study services in their state. With three options to choose from—a premium, basic, or free listing—there’s a plan for every size home study practice. 

Home Study Hive was created by women who are professionals in the adoption community. We’re glad you’re here—and we hope you enjoy the many benefits of Home Study Hive.